In this article, we will discuss the secret of makeup for girls with dry skin.

It is true that the dry skin without chalk is the big problem in makeup. If you have dry skin, you should choose the right method of skincare and make-up. If you don’t choose right makeup then face starts looking rough and there will be white mold, wrinkles and chapped skin. So what is the solution?

How to Apply Foundation to Mature Dry Skin

Set of spots of dry skin

Firstly, learn the characteristics of your skin offline!

Dry skin is dehydrated, cracked, or flaky skin, which will be more noticeable when applying makeup. It is because of the ability to absorb chalk and the more pronounced appearance of wrinkles.

All this happens because you have not really chosen the right care methods. Your daily routine like sitting in the air-conditioned room, drinking less water, or using bad products make skin dehydrated. Only moisturizers and moisture levels are not really right. In addition, the use exfoliating products also causes skin to become dry and more vulnerable to aging.

The level of resistance to dry skin depends on you, paying attention to skin is the best way to improve the situation.

How to apply foundation to mature dry skin

Choose best makeup foundation for comprehensive coverage for dry skin

Instead of choosing randomly, select specific foundation products specifically for dry skin such as best foundation for dry skin over 40. In addition, you should pay attention to foundation with sun protection (SPF 25 – 30) it prevents the skin from harmful sun rays.

Skin in your 40s will begin to show fine lines and dark spots. Therefore, you should choose a foundation that has a comprehensive coverage. Do not go for lightening foundation and moisturizing foundation. Liquid foundation creams (or BB creams) with high coverage will help you “eradicate” the most ingenious brown spots or crow’s feet.

How to Apply Foundation to Mature Dry Skin

Exfoliate daily

According to makeup experts if you use a daily makeup on dry skin, the dead cells increase. Therefore, you should choose an appropriate exfoliating product for your skin. Use products that contain best formulas and soothing ingredients like Salicylic Acid combined with moisturizing ingredients.

These exfoliating products have the ability to remove newly born dead cells effectively. They also reduce pore clogging, regenerate new skin cells, help to stabilize skin cell structure and fade out wrinkles.

Use moisturizer on dry skin before applying makeup

Whether your makeup is durable and well maintained on the skin is depends on this step. However, you need to choose the moisturizer carefully for your dry skin, because wrong moisturizer can make skin oily. Make-up experts recommend that you choose a serum or additional essence to provide moisture to the skin, this will bring unexpected results.

Powder must have a certain thickness and smoothness

If possible, limit the use of chalks to dry skin. If you want to use powder, then don’t over-apply it on dry face same is with concealer. Because the thick makeup will make the skin more flaky and defects on the skin will be visible.

So apply powder carefully on selected areas and divide each area clearly (between the eyebrows, top and sides of the nose). After this, use a chalk brush to create a thin layer on the skin, this will make your skin smoother and brighter.

Choose powder according to skin color

Choosing cosmetics according to skin color is always crucial for your beauty. If you have a slightly pale skin, you can choose pale yellow powder or champagne gold. And if you own the skin “honey cake” like skin, a little bit of brown around the eyes make face look fresh.

Bronze brown powder

Instead of the youthful, colorful makeup styles are only suitable for teenage girls. So, it is better to switch to using bronzer for your mature face. A little light brown powder on the cheek, or around the jawbone will give you a healthy, youthful skin.

Create blocks

As you age, your face becomes saggier and loses the firmness inherent, so creating a block is essential makeup step. This will help your face look slimmer, more serene and more youthful.  You can use chalk to create a block (darker than 1 tone powder coating) for the forehead, and the sides of the jawbone to help the face always stand out.

Concealer on mature skin

You should choose concealer with the same tone as the foundation. If you choose the tone too bright or too dark, the defects of your face will be more visible. At the age of 40, you should also say goodbye to the ingot products, switch to a liquid or serum concealer. In addition to cleverly hiding all wrinkles, brown spots; They also provide hydration to your skin to keep for radiant look.

Highlight the areas

Besides creating blocks, highlighting also helps your face stand out. Makeup experts recommend that, after you finish all highlight few areas. Use pearl powder or light powder and apply on the brow bone area, just above the eyebrows. This will make your face always shine. The manual highlight will give you the most natural beauty and save a lot of time!

Focus on blush color

The gentle and soft blush colors will keep your face look young and beautiful. But instead of spreading the pollen around the cheekbones, apply the blush from the highest point of the cheekbone, slant to the ears! This makeup will create the sharp edge “need-to-have” on a 40-year-old woman face. It also makes the face look slimmer.

Light pink or pearl pink blush is suitable for white skin, while for brown skin brown, orange and beige will stand out.

Make sure to remove makeup before going to bed

Makeup doesn’t make skin worse, but if you don’t remove your makeup before going to bed, it will cause skin problems. Also, using non-alcoholic makeup remover is a leading cause of skin. On the other side, a “non-alcohol” product, extracted from gentle formulas, help clean and smooth the skin.

Skin care procedures you should keep in mind for dry skin: Makeup remover -> Facial cleanser -> Tonner -> Exfoliating essence -> Improve essence (if necessary) -> Moisturizer -> Essence additional moisture.